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I have 2 really old hp pavilion 7850s and i need to get some pics off of the hard drive of the broken 1,I just want to know what to do after I put the bad Hdd into the good computer.It goes to the boot screen and thats where I need help at.
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  1. You'll want to edit the boot order in the BIOS, i.e. turn the old HDD into a slave drive so that you can access it in Windows and pull the stuff off. Either that or buy an external enclosure for it.
  2. thanks :)
  3. Quote:
    Mam 2 Starý opravdu 7850s HP Pavilion , musim Brát nějaké fotky pryč Pevný disk zlomené 1, chci vědět , dělat Pote co , co jsem dal Špatný HDD udělat dobrý computer.It JDE udělat spouštěcí obrazovky Na JE TO , kde jsem potřebovat Pomoc PRI .

    I mean that is not important the age of HP.Exchage correct disk,some PC are
    lock by manufacturer as speed run or diagnostic run of speed is based on bundled version OEM and staring entry and configuration.
    When is previose disk mechanical damaged will be hard to restore and tedirect
    your files to new disk ,you net specify what do you mean broken.
    When is not physical damaged might be damaged nucleus drivers,or grafical card or driver start running the screening or desktop driver.

    Some service,especialy HP service have external box which knows read the files from damaged disk and record it to new.Please be tolerant to my English
    I am fromPrague AND English is not my mother language.

    Maybe you create chance in support manufacturer of damaged disk or comlex grafic and lauch manager system and aplication.
    westerndigital.com, segatacom or....
    JanaMichaela from Prague
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