Can I remove RAID members without losing data

I purchased an internal bay that supports 3 removable SATA hard drives. I had 2 hard drives (1-OS, 1-Data). When I installed the unit, one the first boot, I could see both drives. One the second boot, It had formed a RAID 0 to show it as one large drive. Reason for install was to have 2 different boot drives that would utilize the remaining drive as a data disc. Now when I try to decouple them, it says I will lose all data. Any suggestions?
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  1. RAID 0 offers NO data redudancy. RAID 1 is mirrored. If you take a HDD out of a RAID 0 array you will lose all of the data.
  2. ericm48 said:

    Any suggestions?

    Yes, backup your data before you break the array.
  3. In a RAID0, data is striped across all members of the array. If one is removed, all data is lost. In RAID1, data is mirrored on a pair of drives. One can be lost, and there will be no data loss. RAID0 offers improved speed and additive capacity but no security, and RAID1 is for data security (but writes will be slower) although capacity will be that of the smallest drive in the array.
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