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My laptop had a virus before and I connected my camera to my laptop to transfer some pictures. I think my camera got virus in it. i recently took some pictures but when i connect it to my laptop now(which is formated) it dosent show. I also scanned the memory card. but it only shows th eold pix. I used a data recovery software to find them but that only showed the deleted pictures. What can i do to get the recent pictures on my laptop?
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  1. that's a pity, maybe the pictures of you be hidden
  2. Open a folder, right click on the "Tools" menu --- Folder Options --- View - Click "Show all files and folders", "Hide protected operating system files" before remove the check, Click "Apply" button, OK to exit, and then again to see if you can see the photos (the camera should be pulled down, then with the computer connection). If you still do not see, this only shows your photo inside the card does not exist, but there are cameras inside most simple way is to use USB and the camera, and then in the pop-up dialog box, select Scanner and Camera Wizard, click wizard to it.
    I wish you to solve the problem as soon as possible!

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