Window7 ultimate 32 bit crashes

During working window sundly crashes leaving a blue screen 7 restarts. the incedent occures once or twice during an hour but time is fixed. after re-booting & loging in system gerates automated error report & search for slution but does not fi it.
help me plz.
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  1. Hi :)

    Is it a genuine legal Ultimate ? As the downloaded illegal version comes complete with a rather nice set of viruses...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. make an hirem boot cd and run some anti virus tools and memtest to see if it the memory or a virus first. then i would check for dust/overheat issue.
  3. We need the error code from the blue screen. To get that, right click on the computer icon on the desktop, got to properties and click on extended properties in the left menu (or something like that, im on a german windows :)) Un-select the automatic restart after error there, way for the next crash and see what it says. We need the message and the first cryptic code.
    There is actually a crash report somewhere on your disk already, but it's better to change the setting anyway. :)
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