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i just bought a midi keyboard and ths comes up. uive done trouble shoot and manafactures download which improved it up to this c:\windows\system32\drivers\nvnusbaudio.sys. im on good powerful windows 7 and rele need help ... been tryibg for 2 days and ive got deadlines to meet! will be v appreciated .......... karl
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  1. I am sorry but I really could not understand what your problem is.

    Could you please tell us your problem about the midi keyboard !!!

    Anyway, whatever the problem is, please check if you downloaded the correct version of the driver for your powerful Windows 7, I mean the 32-bit version or the 64-bit version ?
  2. basically the windows 7 software i have and the laptop is receving the midi keybords presence when i hit notes but no sound is coming out. ive searched hi and low for a problem , but the only one i find is c:\windows32\drivers\nvnusbaudio.sys. i done enough research to find that its a driver from xp, but i dont now how to aquire it. ive done compatablity mode and downloaded the drivers from the manafacturer which all got me to this point, its simply just that drive from xp i need. karl
  3. You did not mention any software that you install into your Windows 7 for that midi keyboard. When you install a music software and you plug in an instrument, it will be detected by windows and the software. You also need to identify which slot you plug your midi keyboard in. Does this midi keyboard comes with the adapter? or your using your laptop line in or aux slot for that. You can check if that software is indeed was successfully installed - go to Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Manage Audio Devices>Click on Recording Tab>click on Line In or Aux then click on Configure (here you will see the name of the software you have previously installed).
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