CQ61-360EV or Dell 15(1545)?

Hi there guys, I am looking at two laptops right now. One's a Compaq and the other's a Dell.

You can have a look at the Compaqs specs on this link:

It's available for 650 dollars.

The other choice I have right now is dells 1545 which is available for approximately 630 dollars. The specs are defined by the reseller and go something like this:

Core 2 duo processor: 2.1 GHZ
15.6 " TB Display
Bluetooth connectivity
Built in webcam with mic
Default O/S is DOS
ICE BLUE color

So far I am thinking the compaqs a much better deal, but I am worried about its battery life. It has an HD display and is running on a t6400 (I think), won't that suck a lot of power?

Which one of the deals do you think is better? I want a laptop mainly for coding programs and running multimedia.

I will appreciate any input.


Edit: The link originally posted up there was broken, its all fixed now though.
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  1. The link doesn't work
  2. Best answer
    The HP model is the way to go,also i think battery life would be fine,T6600 and 15.4" LCD won't suck a lot of power,also it has integrated graphics too,so don't worry :)
  3. Thanks man. I just got it and the notebooks pretty decent I must say, a bit heavy but then again its got quite a few features.
  4. No problem :) Hope you will enjoy it :)
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