I can't download!

Every time I try and download on Google chrome I get the little icon that shows it downloading in the bottom left side of my screen. when its finished downloading and I click it this error comes up:

Windows cannot find 'C:\Users\MYUSERNAME\Downloads\NAMEOFDOW… Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

Then the download goes and I can't find it. also when I try and install AdBlocker (an app for chrome)
I get this error: "Package is invalid CRX_FILE_NOT_READABLE"
I have turned my antiviruses off and my firewall off (I turned them back on after seeing that having them turned off didn't help)
Anyone know how to fix this? thanks
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  1. check your downloads folder?
  2. Is it only chrome? Try if it happens with firefox also. And try to store the downloads somewhere else on the disk.
  3. Yeah It happens with Internet Explorer and I can't download Firefox, and yep I tried to change the download path and its still not working.
  4. *Bump*
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