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I want to buy a monitor for my computer but I've seen some pretty cheap TVs as well that provide the 1080p HD Ready option at a larger size. From what I understand as long as the TV has a HDMI interface it should be able to play movies etc through my computer at Full HD quality. Is this correct?

I basically want a 24-26" size monitor, but a 32" Tv looks attractive option. I have also seen an LED backlit computer monitor with a DVi interface, but I assume i can get a HDMI convertor if required. As long as the output is Full HD I will be happy, what is the best option?
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  1. DVI and HDMI has the same characteristics as regards video. Quality is the same. The only difference is, HDMI uses one cable to transmit both video and audio. If you use DVD, you have to transmit audio using a separate cable.

    LED computer monitor is new technology, energy-efficient and is better than LCD, depending on its quality.

    There are passive DVI-to-HDMI adapters on the market. Because DVI and HDMI are both digital, there is no loss of video quality involved.

    I would go for an LED monitor and I did about 5 months ago. I have an LG E2250V.
  2. In my basement I am using a 32" TV monitor for my computer to play movies. It is very cool.
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