Marantz pmd670 won't power on

I have a Marantz PMD670 that has worked fine for several years. Suddenly it just won't power on. I've changed the AA batteries and made sure the contacts are clean. I've tried it with and without the DC plugged in. Key lock is off. It won't even respond to the Display or Light buttons. Is it dead? Can it be fixed?
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    Yes it can - you can try have the unit checked at your local electronics shop, they have the tools to repair it. Well you could also check out their site>

    The Marantz PMD670 have been discontinued and replaced by the NEW PMD671.
  2. Thanks! I did contact Marantz support and they were very helpful. Unfortunately the nearest authorized service center is a few states away, but I think I will try a local electronics shop first.
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