DSP or Dolby Prologic II

My home thatre system a 5.1 Daewoo has Dolby Prologic 2and DSP. I always see games and videos with the Dolby logo and such but on my theatre system, DSP provideds a much clearer and better sound than any of the Dolby Prologic Setups pre in the system. I have tried setting it up different ways but each time DSP sounds a lot better.

So, is Dolby better?
What is the advantages?
Any reason for this?
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  1. Pro Logic is a method for upmixing 2.0 audio to 5.1 (or 5.1 audio to 7.1, less commonly). DSP usually does simmilar upmixing, but may also use other methods for clearing up the signal of background noise.
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