Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421 Trusted Sites Problem

Greetings all:

I am having an annoying problem: I am trying to make a website yesterday, and the very basic firts part is succeeded.
All went well, was tired, turned down PC, went to bed, Later on today, I started my PC, opened IE9, went to my site ad... the site address turned red, and a screen telling me to either 'piss of, this site is bad for you' or 'oh well, it's your computer, go on if you like, but don't annoy me later if sh*t hits the fan' (or something like that, too annoying to remember it word for word).

Went googling, some sites said to go into options, second tab (security), hit Trusted Sites, then hit the sites button, add [].
Did this, restarted IE... and the bloody thing keeps trying to annoy me.
Thankfully, the 'go in at your own risk' option is there, otherwise I'd be losing all so far.

Other site spoke of a tool, which was originally for IE6, but which worked on IE7 and IE8 as well (no one spoke of IE9), but the link to the MicroSoft tool on the MicroSoft site was appearantly renewed into a 'download IE9' advertise site with download option.

Anyone a clue on how to add the exclusion to EI9, or force it is some form?

Thank you kindly:
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  1. who hosting the site?
  2. I am sorry, I had a massive PC blow out, my insurance took long to repay my machine.
    This made that I only since yesterday have my new machine, and due to install etc., only now can reply.

    The website is hosted by a friend who has a minor server, through Telenet Belgium.
    I have the link (HTTP) but as said: IE9 keeps blocking the site, annoying me with the warnings.

    I added the site to IE9's Trusted Sites, to no avail, seems, the address keeps being showed in red.

    When I try to access a sub-page (such as Admin Page, or other sub-pages) the same block appears, as well as the bloody annoying warnings.

    Altering a setting becomes quite a drag this way...

    Thank you beforehand:

    PS: Through Mozilla and Chrome, the page can be accessed (once added to Trusted Sites, and even with AddBlock Plus) without any problem.
    I installed both as experiment and removed both again afterwards, since I prefer IE9 and specifically the x64.
    IE9 however keeps bi... -umm... nagging would be a better word- at me.

    Any ideas, please?
    Thank you:
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