White screen after logon?

Recently I've been experiencing a white screen after I log in. It appears for about 2 minutes and then everything loads as normal, but everything does seem a little slow.

I got the white screen a few times, tried to boot in safe mode but it got stuck at 'classpnp.sys'. My laptop is working as normal right now, I left the white screen and it finally showed my desktop, but should I be worried about these white screens?

I'm using an asus a52f with 3gb ram. Sorry if this isn't enough info, I'll try to give any more details if you need them. :ange:
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  1. If possible, backup your data now! It could be a HDD fault. To check that out, right click on the c drive, goto properties / tools and run the error checking. If it's not the HDD, take a look at the event viewer and search for any related error message at startup time.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! I'm doing some backups right now, I'll do the disk check later and see what happens.
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