Is there a new DSLR camera that will work with my old sunpak 522

I have an old 522 flash unit that I would either like to use with a new compatible camera or with my existing Sony Alpha DSLR. I would like to be able to use the flash in the auto mode.
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  1. I answered my own question, I've been trying off and on for sometime to use my old flash with my a350. I hope what I discovered helps others who have been trying to do the same thing. For me this is just a hobby so I'll mention all of my settings. I'm using a hot shoe adaptor and atop that is a Wein Safe Sync. The lens on my camera is 18-70 / 3.5-5.6 Macro. Body: shutter set to 1/160, ASA200.....Sunpac 522 (potato masher): Auto, P/R 1/8, ASA 200, f/stop 4, ASA 200. As long as there is enough light to focus it fired and worked at all focal lengths including Macro. At this power ratio the recycle time is very quick for the distances I fired throughout the house.
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