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Hello, I have a Motor Trend Bluetooth headset MX6 and I can hear who I am talking with but they can not hear me. Can you please help?
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    I'm not sure for the problem. But you might try with this Multi-Purpose (VOIP / SKYPE) Headset for FREE. I just order mine.
    Anyway, hope u solve the problem soon. good luck.

    Thanks so much. Have a good day :)
  2. Hello softtrain, welcome to Tomshardware. Regarding your Motor Trend Bluetooth headset MX6 that you can hear the person your talking but not them hearing you, I guess the headset is ok but the mic that comes with the headset (is their a mic?) is defective. If this device comes with a software please install it on your PC then go to your Control Panel, under Audio devices their you can check if this thing is working. Cheers.
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