Another Windows 7 and Outlook 2010 problem

My old computer died and thus was set up with another desktop system that had Windows 7 installed. As I have always utilized Outlook as my email program, I recently downloaded the 2010 Office Pro program and have yet to get my email issue sorted out. I can send out emails - I just do not receive them - I have to retrieve them of the web. I have gone through my internet server tech support a dozen times - they do not know, I have spoken to the business office and verified and reset my password several times. I have disconnected my antivirus program to see if that was the issue (its not) - I am lost. I am apparently not the only person experiencing this issue. Is there a quick fix? I live 60 miles from the closest computer shop, and i don't get another day off for another 6 days. I really do not want to have to wait and haul it in next week, and it is a pain to retrieve my via web mail. Any advice?
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  1. Do you know if you're connecting to an Exchange server at your businesses office or is it POP3/SMTP. Does Outlook produce any error messages when you try to retrieve messages.
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