XP Freeze nightmare

At end of rope, please help!

Initially upgraded W2K installation to XP Pro. Worked fairly well with rare freezes. Did clean reinstall of XP Pro. Install went smoothly. However, system froze whenever the screen powered off for standby. Tried to reinstall again to correct problem, and the install will not complete.

I unplugged every card save video, and unplugged every device save disk to attempt install. Also removed and swapped RAM thinking one was going bad.

Nothing has worked. Frustated is an understatement. Can anyone help? THe oddest part is that Win2k PRo still runs on one of the partitions. No freezes: it just runs like it should.

VP6 with latest BIOS. RAID is disabled.
VisionTek 440 MX (used drivers from product CD, WinXP CD and windows update)
SB Live Value
Adaptec 19160
512 RAM - One Crucial/one Value RAM: set to 8/10ns in RAM

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  1. did you try using each of the sticks of RAM singly?

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  2. Sorry if that wasn't clear in the original post. I did try each stick by itself, and the machine froze in both instance.
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