Compare window 7 full version to windows tiny7

Which is better on a Asus 1005ha netbook, windows tiny7 or full version of windows 7. Thanks.
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  1. i donno but id go with the full version of any program.....
  2. Windows Tiny 7 is an unsupported/hacked version which may contain any manner of trojan(s) and Malware.

    Windows 7 is supported/supportable, and unhacked.

    Now - Since you intend in installing it in a netbook.. I need to ask why you would (over) load your machine like that?
  3. Because Win7 takes at least 20GB to install, whereas Tiny7 is less that a few gig... It has most of the bells and whistles stripped out, you cannot update or do anything like that, but if you have a tiny hard drive or seriously lack in pc horsepower, it's quick and decent...
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