All channels on my tv have sound except channel 3?

I have 3 tv's in my house. My main plasma in the living room gets sound on every channel EXCEPT channel 3. My bedroom tv and my plasma in the basement get channel 3 sound. What is heck is going wrong with the main tv? I use a Onkyo sound system with this tv.
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  1. If your watching HDTV form over the air.- move antenna (low signal strength)
    If comming from cable box - see if cable box has a volume control, otherwise bad cable box.
    1. Move input source from TV that works to Tv that doesn't / move TV to diff source.
    2. some older TVs have an Input switch for ch.3/ch.4 - change
  2. You may want to run the auto-program one more time on that set. Some tuners have sharper discrimination than others and it may not be locked in on the right frequency anymore.
  3. Possibility SAP is enabled ?
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