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Hey everyone,

I'm having a bit of an issue getting my setup. This might be a little complicated, but this is my setup:

Subwolf to digital decoder, digital decoder to an RCA Splitter Box, splitter to the TV. Only problem is, instead of having Right and Left RCA going to digital decoder, I have the Right RCA going to the digital decoder, and the Left RCA going to the TV. If I move the Left RCA cord to the digital decoder I lose the video input and receive "unusable signal". So currently I only have sound coming out of one speaker. Does everyone know why this is happening or how to fix it?


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  1. You are confused. State the model numbers of the components and I will try to un confuse you.
    Include the model numbers of your video card or computer motherboard, digital recorder, rca splitter, TV
  2. RCA ColorTrak Plus 32" TV with RCA connections, ProMedia Ultra 5.1 Klipsch speakers, ProMedia Digital Decoder, INTEC Wireless A/V Selector G5293
  3. There is a 3.5mm male to male cable going from the Left/Right input on the subwoofer to a RCA converter, then to the Left/Right Output on the Digital Decoder.

    Then from the A/V Selector (Output) I have a RCA cable (red/white/yellow) going to the Digital Decoder (white) and also going to the TV itself (red/yellow).

    It SHOULD be (red/white) going to the digital decoder to give me left and right speakers, but the video input (yellow) won't work without one additional cable (red/white).

    I know this sounds confusing, if you want me to try to clarify I will try.

    Thanks for any help!
  4. Replies would still be appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Sorry, somebody turned off my replies, I'm going to look at your equipment specs.
    Looking at the drawings of the 5.1 speakers, I understand why there is confusion.
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    Having problem finding specs of RCA color trak, but here's the basic info I found:

    1. Look on the back of the TV. Are there RCA audio out jacks? (right left)
    2. Hook the TV audio out (right left) RCA jacks to the speaker control module AUX/ MP3 input jack. You will use the adapter to change RCA to 3.5 mini plug.
    3. Select (button) AUX/MP3 input on the speaker control module.
    That's it, as long as the speakers are hooked up to the subwoofer, and the control module is hooked to the subwoofer.

    There is no need for using Pro Media digital decoder (you don't have anything to decode)
    There is no need to use INTEK wireless selector (because you have nothing to select)

    If there is anything else to hook up, let the forum know, but with the information you provide, there is nothing else to hook up.

    It seems you have purchased equipment that is not needed.

    If you do not have an encoded sound source there is no need for a surround decoder.
  7. Hey soundguruman!

    Sorry for the terrible response time, I haven't had any time to play around with my system. Such an easy fix! Thank you, it works perfectly, I was making it way too complicated. Now I have the sound coming out of both speakers and it sounds much better.

    Now a followup question, is there any way to hook up my subwoofer to the TV? All the audio out connections are used, so I'm guessing not, but I was just wondering if there was a way to cheat it.

    Thanks again for all your help!
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  9. The subwoofer is already hooked to the control module, is it not? If the TV audio is going to the control module, the subwoofer should be working too, whenever the TV audio is on.
    The sub does not need to hook to the TV, it should already be working. /na-en/products/promedia -ultra-5-1-overview/
    take the spaces out of the above link before copy paste to browser

    the speakers hook into the back of the sub woofer, the control module hooks into the back of the subwoofer, the sub woofer should be working now, without any further connection to the TV.
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