Dell Ultrasharp 2408wfp input lag

I've been thinking about getting this monitor, but I've read a lot of complaints about the input lag. That concerns me especially since I'm a gamer. My question to anyone who has the monitor is is the lag that noticeable? If there is lag, I'll notice it. I'm very sensitive to such things. Also, has Dell addressed the problem with a01?

Or maybe I'd just be better off going with a TN panel monitor. The poorer viewing angle means nothing to me, since I'm always looking directly at the monitor. And sacrificing some color for no lag is probably worth it. If I go that route I'm looking at the Samsung Syncmaster 2493hm.

Any opinions?
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  1. I have an A01 2408WFP. I love it - no noticeable input lag.
  2. Just because you look directly at monitor does not mean you will not notice the poorer viewing angles.

    I am currently replying back on one of my PCs for which I purchased an Asus VK246H TN panel monitor for limited usage. As I am looking directly at the screen while typing away at the keyboard, if I merely move my eyes (not turning my head) to look at the edges of the monitor I can definitely see color shifting.

    I don't have this issue on with my NEC LCD2690WUXi (H-IPS panel) or my Planar PX191 (S-PVA panel).
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