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I've got a ipod 30 gig 5th generation A1136 model. The best i see for sale are 580mh battery but the 60 gig models come with an 850mg battery. Can i buy the 850 mh batter and put it in my 30 gig ipod? Also I want to put a larger HDD in it becuse the HDD is bad aswell. I understand that I might have to get the 80gig back cover for the HDD as it's bigger and the batter is probably bigger as well. Anybody have suggestions? Can i do this and if so where do you recomend buying the parts?
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  1. iPod is a sealed system. Apple want you to pay them some serious money for putting in a replacement battery. Third party batteries are available, but despite some decades of experience rebuilding and repairing electronics I managed to break the iPod I tried opening. It's possible but very risky.

    Just buy the better version of iPod (or preferably anything but an iPod) when your present one dies.
  2. Thaanks for the reply but iPods are not sealed systems dificult to open does not equal seald system. I repair them on a daily basis im a mc certified tech. I bought the bigger battery a 250 gigabyte hdd bigger backing new face plate and it fit together like a nice puzzle. All for 130$. Definable cheaper than buying a new one.
  3. I'm glad for you. But I still wouldn't attempt to open another Apple MP3 player because I have never encountered such flimsy construction or glue used to seal it. Anyway, much happier with a Sony player. Still a sealed case (as in no battery replacement hatch) but doesn't lock me into that other sealed system called iTunes !
  4. Ok I get it. You hate apple. Guess what so do I. Ironicly I'm also a mac certified technician. As well as an A+ network + desktop + certified tech. But I work on macs becuse they suck are hard to fix and i get paid 3 times that as a PC tech. Your a freaking moderator whats with your biosed opinions against opening a broken outdated ipod by a mac certified tech? Technology is all the same. Some of it sucks some of it rocks. But you can put prejudice on everything a company makes just becuse the CEO is the devil incarnate. Be open minded dude.
  5. Sorry to go off on you like that. After reading your posts it looks like you were just advising not hack a peice of technology. Is that right?

    I get very hot under the coller when I see Apple/Android/linux/windows/whatever fanboys make biosed comments.
  6. I don't have much to do with Apple either at home or on the Forum so my raging bias against overpriced control-freakery is of little consequence.

    I am frustrated when manufacturers (not just Apple) seem to deliberately make it hard to fix stuff with the result that technology that should have been reparable ends up in landfill.

    For example: http://www.ifixit.com/blog/blog/2011/01/20/apples-diabolical-plan-to-screw-your-iphone/
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