Will this laptop operate Photoshop CS2 well?


It has an Intel GMA X4500HD Graphics Card, integrated (I think), 4gb RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 / 2.20 GHz , 500gb HDD.

Would this work well with Photoshop CS2 or would it be better to find something with dedicated graphics memory?
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  1. Photoshop doesn't utilize GPUs to render and edit photos. That machine will do fine.

    It does have a smaller display, probably with a low resolution, though. If you want to edit photos professionally, you're going to need a larger external monitor.
  2. So there wouldn't be much difference between this laptop and a laptop that had 256mb dedicated graphics memory?
  3. The graphics card will have no impact on Photoshop at all.

    The first notebook is a hair better, with a 100MHz higher clockspeed - but the difference is negligible at best.
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