C38B gain problem

i have one of the first C38B's, I'm having a serious gain issue,
my tech tells me that the output side of the dc converter is
reading 1 volt, I'm sure this number should be much higher
Can anyone tell me what it should be reading?
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  1. Something.. anything? This is the best I could do:

    Sony service manual,

    Further research shows that the original version used an external 24 to 48 volt supply. The second edition used the internal power supply (dc-dc converter) to get the higher voltage. This being the case, I'd say your one volt output is not a good thing. The inverter runs virtually unloaded. If you are up to a electronic project, you could build your own inverter, there's not much to them, unless yours has an accessible transistor that can be changed. They are subject to failure on dying battery voltages (they stall and burn). Don't go too crazy on this thing until you prove the 9V isn't getting to the input of the inverter in the first place. It does plug in, so bad contact or cracked solder at pin must be considered.

    To read what I found on the C38B, go

    Edit: Better link
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    wow that's quite a treasure, anyway if you really wanted to possessed that thing try re soldering any cold solder. I'm checking tigsounds pdf - try checking C8 and Q3 transistor.
  4. Cold solder? ok, c8 and q3 ? cap and transistor on the terminal board, we're going to look at those on Monday and hope that's it, I'm checking the dc/dc converter for a faulty internal transistor and thanks a gob for your input, I'll give you a reply when I get to the bottom of this little monkey puzzle, really want my mic back in the room!
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