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Im not too keen on laptops but I just recently bought this one for school so I could play all my game pretty smooth. I was dissapointed when games like L4D, TF2, and C&C3 (especially C&C 3) chugged pretty badly. I disabled many background applications and programs to reduce CPU usage but no improvement. This has 6 gigs of ram and the i7 q720 so i know that this should be a hefty gaming laptop. Im just wondering if there is anything else that could be holding this notebook back?

Thanks in advance
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  1. It's VGA is GT 230M right ? if so then GT 230M is a mid range card,so if you lower your in game settings(it will be fine with medium settings) and play at a resolution like 1280x1024 or so i think you will be fine,have you tried this ?
  2. As Maziar said, CPU power and lots of memory don't translate into gaming performance. Your graphics card isn't that great, and that's your issue. Lower the settings.
  3. Alright ill do that, thanks.
  4. hey guys,

    i'm looking for a new notebook.

    Wich graficscard would be better? geforec 240 or ati 4650 /70

    both 1gb ddr3.

    and would it be safe to go for those first i7 notebook processors? or wait for other quadcores?

    and those 1.6ghz i7, do all brands suport those burboboost (oc) thing like alienware?
  5. BlackGold18 said:
    Alright ill do that, thanks.

    Their information isn't quite right. I have a similar laptop to yours, it has a slightly upgraded graphics (330M) but the trick is to enable multi-core rendering when using an i7. It plays left 4 dead 2 on 1920x1080 with all settings as high as they go except anisotropy and antialiasing, which i keep on 4x. Plays with 60+ frames per second, no latency and never slows down. Just enable the multi-core rendering and it should be perfect.
  6. remove ALL HP software. runs way better, but overheating still an issue
  7. remove ALL HP software, strip back just to windows 7. Change all windows options to performance .

    runs waaay way better, but still runs very hot.. if you put the 'puter on a stand, and allow the vents to be free underneath it runs at approx 72 degrees whilst doing typical operations. havnt tested on gaming
  8. Hi :)

    The honest answer is that for high end gaming NO LAPTOP will even come close to a gaming PC....

    All the best Brett :)
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