Headphones for Movies (Razer vs Bose vs Others)

I currently own a Razer Pirahna headphones (with mic).

I noticed the sound isn't that great especially for movie and games but that is expected because I am comparing it with my Bose Companion 5 speakers which also has a subwoofer.

I intend to use heaphones for movies and gaming. I want very good clarity for music, chatter but also some decent bass (for example gunshots my current headphones doesn't do justice). But not too boomy bass.

I am comparing Bose Quiet Comfort 2 vs Razer Megalodon. What you guys think or do you have other recommendations?

My budget is the cost of the Bose Quiet Comfort 2.
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  1. large over the ear is good for computer but not so much if portability is needed.
  2. if you are really wanting hi fi, then go for hi fi. NONE of the noise canceling phones can get you there. save those for that purpose.
    first pick: grado 80> bout $85-$95 NOTHING compares for 2x,even 3x the price.
    good: best fidelity for music/very efficient for portables/ plenty real bass;and upfront sound that is accurate.
    bad: open air; good or bad,bad outside in the wind , and maybe not preferred on a noisy environment due to letting sound in; not bad when someone wants you to still hear them [but they can play loud with no distortion to drown out about anything.]
    not exactly industrial strength build, mine have held up with lots of on the go.

    others: stick to akg or sennheiser
    for movies/gaming, I also the sennheiser hd 380 Pro.
    good: closed cups, comfortable cushions,industrial strength, good for extended listing sessions[i have a small head;some say they fell to compressed or tight; very deep extended bass on movies etc.
    bad: price, rather heavy[good padded support all over].
    not really as accurately "flat" as most sennheisers; might like more Zip for heavy rock,games, movies.[grados stronger sound, louder in efficiency]
    cheaper sennheisers will sound sterile and distant but so does cheaper anything.
    I am an older musician with studio time, and nearly 1/2 century with audiophile equipment, meaning my ears notice.
    But like speakers, folks have a preferred sound as to type and make; and that involves many variables influencing taste.
    Do find a place to listen to as many as you can with Your music of choice.
    But I can say, everyone- pro or otherwise, that listens to the grado 80's prefer them across the board. Given their price/performance,anyone spending time on headphones should have a pair.
    Also as a footnote: many apps like power dvd, as well as newer av equipment has a dolby headphone ability that works on stereo headphones.
    It works great, and sounds far more real and hi fi than a dedicated dolby surround headphones.
    cheers keep in mind for future investment...
  3. Bose? Seriously?

    Here's what I'd go for:

    Grado: Good at rock, amazingly clear (and difficult to beat for the price), but a bit light on bass (even compared to a truly flat response) and not the greatest build quality

    Denon, specifically the AH-D1001 or AH-D2000: Much better bass than the Grado, not quite as clear on the high end, still beats the bose by a phenomenal margin. Better build quality too.

    Sennheiser has some excellent models as well, although I'm partial to the Denon and Grado models. I've heard good things about the Sennheiser HD280 and 380 though. If you have a Guitar Center nearby, they stock Sennheiser and you could go take a listen to see if you like them. For your use, I'd probably lean towards the Denon AH-D1001 (or the 2000 if you can stretch your budget that far), but the Sennheiser would be good too.
  4. Agreed with all the above, just dont go Bose, too much for too little
  5. bose

    buy other sound equipment
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