Question bout buying the Windows 7 upgrade

I'm thinking of buying the WIndows 7 upgrade that require XP or Vista. Now I have a copy of Windows XP Pro that I have installed on my computer. Is the upgrade going to work on my computer when I put together my new system, install XP and then the upgrade?

Do any of you think the prices for versions of WIndows 7 will go down once Windows 8 comes out?
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  1. Yes it will work that way, you can also Google "windows 7 clean install with upgrade Media" the price will not go down after win 8 release. The other option you have is to buy the OEM version.
  2. Also, I remembered that when I tried to install Microsoft Security Essentials on my computer, the system prevented me from doing that because it somehow detected I didn't have a "genuine" version. If I just buy the Windows 7 upgrade version, could this also happen?
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