Repalce SCSI 160 15k drive with Raptor SATA

I have a 15k SCSI 160 drive that seems to be having some problems.

I was thinking a Raptor 74gig might be better/cheaper.
This will be my primary boot drive
Here is my current benchmark of my SCSI drive.


Transfer Rate Minimum : 22.5 MB/sec
Transfer Rate Maximum : 41.1 MB/sec
Transfer Rate Average : 30.1 MB/sec
Access Time : 6.4 ms
Burst Rate : 50.2 MB/sec
CPU Usage : 2.0%
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  1. It is an older Fujitsu Drive
    36gb SCSI 160 15k
  2. Fujitsu MAM3367MC
    Size: 36.7 GB Internal Drive
    Speed: 15000 rpm
    Access Time: 3.5 ms
    Interface: Ultra160 SCSI
  3. I have the current drivers and BIOS for the SCSI RAID card...

    I dunno what else it could be.

    It seems that all my drives are slow. Here is the benchmark from my 4 drive RAID 5 SCSI 160

    HD Tune: MEGARAID LD 0 MEGARAID Benchmark

    Transfer Rate Minimum : 42.0 MB/sec
    Transfer Rate Maximum : 48.7 MB/sec
    Transfer Rate Average : 46.0 MB/sec
    Access Time : 8.0 ms
    Burst Rate : 50.3 MB/sec
    CPU Usage : 2.8%
  4. I actually just got this RAID card
    My old card was an apaptec 160 card.
    And the benchmarks looked similar

    I think it is the drives..
  5. I have them all tested.
    They are all poor
  6. I am not sure.
    It is a gigabyte with VIA chipset
    AMD 2800+ CPU
  7. No I am not.
    Is that my problem?
  8. I was getting ready to order replacement drives for ALL my SCSI RAID stuff.

    WD Raptor 73gig for OS
    Maxline III 250gig for my apps
    New SATA NCQ type PCI card.

    Think this will be faster?
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    Adobe photoshop - digitial imaging
    Video Editing
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