Can I plug in a coax cable from my digital able service (Comcast) into an HDTV s

I subscribe to Comcast Digital Cable. I am getting a new HD flatscreen TV (primarily for Blu-Ray movies) Will I be able to use my current digital box with the coax cable and plug it into the new TV? I am not concerned about the HD programming on TV. Thanks!
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  1. Whats the point of buying an HD TV? You just get an HD cable box to replace the one you have now OR plug the one you have now into the TV. That's all.
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    Yes, you can connect it using the same coax cable, but I'd recommend using either HDMI or Component connections (assuming your current digital box has them). However, if your new HDTV only has one HDMI input connection, use that for the Blu-Ray player.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Thanks for the responses. I decided to get the HD box from the cable company and use the HDMI cables for all the connections.
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