so I got this acer M7720 gaming desktop


core i7 920 @ stock

6gb ddr3 ram


450W no brand PSU

FX58M intel Mobo

So yeah today I got my new computer desk. I was going to move my PC from the old computer desk to the new one. So when I was unplugging my screen, pc and stuff I accidently forgot my PC on... YES I KNOW im retarded sometimes.... Anyways.... I unplugged the PC while it was on which is the 2nd powercut this week. First time my switch box in my apartment failed and now this... The first powercut my windows was lagging abit so I just reinstalled it and it worked like a charm. Now this time my PC froze like 2 or 3 times after the powercut. So I guess its caused by that? Is my PC permanently damaged????? If it is which components are damaged? I opened up my case to see if I could see some damage on the components but nope they looked fine.. so what should I do? I dont have any warrantly left.


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  1. ok so now I accidently did the same thing again :( I unplugged the TV instead of the PC. And it was on :S 2nd powercut today! Is my PC totally damaged now??
  2. WOW 'thanks alot' for the 'help' guys.....
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  4. No, the hardware shouldn't be damaged. You most likely fragmented some files. A general system cleanup should help.

    Put in the OS disc-->start-->run-->sfc /scannow

    Start-->run-->chkdsk /r

    Download ccleaner, and run the registry tool. You may need to run it several times to resolve all the issues.

    When done repairing the registry, you may want to use ccleaner's file/application cleanup tools to delete garbage files.
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