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To start off, I am a complete noob in this category. I am using 17' LG Flatron L1750S, TFT bought it when it was on sale long time ago, didn't know anything but I have generally no problems with it, movies, tv, editing, games, sometimes I do watch HD movies from my bed with people, just recently there was a suggestion of upgrading to a 24' :ouch: I honestly don't mind the 17' but why not.

Back to the topic, since I am not very picky or notice any difference. I am planning on getting a 24' monitor. Obviously I did some research, read about TN, TFT, ISP, etc models. ISP is way out of my budget, $300-400 CND, one I won't notice the difference, two I am not even doing professional editing. Anyway, so I narrowed it down to Samsung T240, Samsung T240HD and LG W2442PA-BF 24IN.

Samsung T240 - TN, 5 MS, 1920X1200, medium
Samsung T240HD - TFT, 5 MS, 1920X1200, most expensive
LG W2442PA-BF 24IN - TFT, 2MS, 1920X1080, cheapest

I don't really have viewing angle problems with my 17'. So far, I am leading towards T240 HD, it has a TV tuner and it is TFT, right? I just want my money well spent. I do have a no dead pixel policy at my store so it shouldn't be a problem. Any advice?

Thanks in advance,

EDIT: Are TN panels fine from watching TV from a bed/sofa? I might use it as a TV somewhere else not in my room, not sure yet.
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  1. For most people TN panels are good enough. Go to an electronics store like Best Buy, just about all PC monitors they have are TN panels because they are inexpensive compared to other panel techs. Stand at a distance at which you will be lying down in bed also move a little to the left and right to determine if the viewing angles are good enough for you.
  2. Ooh, thanks! I was planning on doing that. I think I will stick to TN panel since it's dirt cheap compared to other panels, especially in Canada. Last question, are there any significant difference between TN & TFT panels?
  3. TFT (Thin-film transistor) basically means an LCD panel of any type.

    The different types of panels are:

    TN - Cheap, fast response times (2ms, 5ms) , poor / fair viewing angles, and good enough color for most people using 6-bit color (aka 18-bit color), acceptable black levels.

    PVA/MVA panels - A little more expensive, good viewing angles, good 8-bit (aka 24-bit color) reproduction, slightly slower response times (6ms), good / excellent black levels.

    IPS panel - More expensive, excellent viewing angles, excellent 8-bit (aka 24-bit color) reproduction, slightly slower response times (6ms), good / excellent black levels.
  4. Thanks! You seem to know a lot, I read your other posts about monitors, well written! I somewhat understood it, haha. I think I will most likely stick with the LG monitor, dirt cheap and I probably wouldn't mind the viewing angels and colour :D
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