PC speakers or home theatre with no TV?

Hello all,
My current speakers Klipsch 4.1's have given me problems. Foam deteriorating on the subwoofers and the din cable is falling apart, not to mention the fact that the forum run by Klipsch sucks and I can't get help so I think i'm going to scrap it. So my question is should I buy another PC set or get an all in one home theatre setup? I haven't had a TV for 2 years now and was considering a 32"WS but not sure..that's a nother subject. Main problem is there's no decent PC speakers out there so just confused.. No logitech ot Creative speakers please. setup is:

24" benq screen
Evga 780I FTW
4GB kingston hyperx8500
Antec 900 1000w PSU
Any help appreciated
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  1. how much u willin to spend on speakers?
  2. $450. I guess what I want is between a KA PC speakers set Like the Klipsch 5.1 ultra (RIP). Or an all in one HT set.. I had a the 4.1 Klipsch which was KA in every way for a PC set. But din problems and deteriorating sub surounds made me want to change. I'm not an a pro audiophile but I can tell good sound when I hear it and for the money the Klipsch was VERY good for the money.
  3. Energy RC-Micro 5.1 $600 ive been are excellent

    Fluance SX-HTB $300 friend has em, sound nice for the price

    i wouldnt be the best for ht speakers tho , id only know my studio monitors
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