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Can we sent surround sound through hdmi

I have a Sony LCD and a sony HDMI sound reciever as well. My question is can i sent surround sound through HDMI cable to LCD which will be accepted by my reciever. I am asking this because I have a media converter with HDMI out which is connected to LCD. but the sound I recieve through my reciever is only Stereo and not 5.1. Somebody pls. help me
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    Not quite sure what you're asking - are you wanting to send 5.1 from your TV back to the receiver in order to use the 5.1 surround speakers? If so, then AFAIK you would need HDMI 1.4 compatible equipment & cable in order to do so just using the HDMI cable.

    Otherwise, just do like I do with my 1.3 cable, Sony LCD TV and Onkyo AV receiver - use a separate cable (TOSLink fiberoptic in my case) to connect the digital audio output from the TV back to the digital audio input on the receiver.
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