Can I use a Comcast box with basic cable to get more channels?


I have Comcast basic cable ($10/month) and a Samsung HDTV, so Comcast says I don't need a box with the type of service I have. I get a nice picture on a limited number of channels. My neighbor has a box, and doesn't watch TV, but pays for the service. He wants to give me his box because he thinks I'll get more channels with it. Is this accurate, or is the number of channels tied to the level of service I pay for?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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  1. the signal to authorize the channels goes to the box, and a box that sits next door will probably work.
    After powering up the box it may take 5 minutes or more to initiate operation.
  2. As long as he pays the bill and its on his account you will get what he subscribes to. Box reads which channels should be available to viewer from account database .
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