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Pro's & Cons of usind LED TV as monitor


due to space limitiations I am planning to use my TV as my monitor. What are the Pros and Cons of doing this.
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    Depending on the size and resolution of your TV (i.e., 45" and 1080P), you might find it more comfortable at least 4-6 ft. away from your eyes as opposed to on your desk, which could mean a wall-mount kit is necessary. Any closer and you might notice the individual pixels.

    I use a Pioneer plasma 50" but only as a 2nd monitor, and it is mounted on the wall about 4 ft away. Great for that immersive gaming experience, but I wouldn't want to work on a wordprocessing document or spreadsheet for any length of time using it :P.

    Alternatively several companies make monitors that include a tuner, such as Samsung's Touch of Color series which I have seen in the store and think is pretty nice-looking.
  2. The TV does not have the resolution that a computer needs. It's really better to use a computer monitor as a TV. Bingo.
  3. If it's an HDTV the only con is small text. It's hard to read from the Lazyboy.
    Even at 150%.
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