How do i get my intel pro / wireless 2100 lan minipci card to work with windows

im upgrading my inspiron 8600 to 2 gb ram and windows 7 already installed 7. everything works fine except the wireless. the adapter from the factory is Intel P/C WM3A2100NADELL.....model WM#A2100......DELL P/N 09y200...........REV A01 the XP driver doesn't work. the dell support site only lists xp as an operating system for the 8600. this computer has been used very little and contains the Pentium M chip known to be a low heat processor, so i'm willing to warm it up a bit with windows 7. the operating system is working fine and i don't hear my fan coming on. just need a driver for the wireless. wired works fine. everything is ready to go in the bios setup. thanks...............bill
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  1. is the wireless network card enabled via either a switch and/or Fn+ Function Key
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