Where can i get a new mouse cable?

My Logitech (usb/optical/wheel/cord) mouse has a bad cable. That's usually how mouses die. I opened it and saw that it's not hardwired inside, but connected to it (with 5 connectors). On the other side, it's plugged in USB. I'd rather replace the cable when it breaks rather than buy a new mouse each time (plus, i hate the new mouses - expensive and not my style). Question is... i can't find a place where it's sold and i don't know the name of such a cable. What's the name and/or where can i buy one (or rather... many, for future uses, so that my mouse works forever)?
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  1. I forgot to mention that the cable inside the mouse is rectangular and somewhat similar to the one on soundcards that connect them directly to the CD-ROM.
  2. That's a Molex connector; unfortunately they're so many variations so it won't help you much unless you have it to show.

    Just buy an inexpensive corded mouse and swap the cable. If you can find one that just sell the cable - 'will be a specialty store but be prepared to spend more than you might want to on that cable.
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