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I have been checking out notebooks for myself and one thing that I had been thinking about was hooking up my notebook to our 52" lcd tv for watching movies. I have a number of downloaded movies which at least claim to be blu-ray, and when ive streamed them to my ps3 they seem to be close. Most of the notebooks ive been seeing just include the integrated graphics card. Would this be a good enough graphics card for hooking up the notebook through hdmi out connection to TV for my movies?
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  1. It depends more on the program you're using to play the movies with, but you should get an entry-level dedicated card in the least.
  2. great, thanks. i was hoping that I would be able to get away with just the basic intel 4500 that seems to be the standard video card. i even saw some notebooks with blu-ray drives and just the intel 4500 so I thought maybe it would be enough, guess not.
  3. the nvidia ion or ati 4650/4670 will be perfect
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