Can connect pc through dvd player to tv

can I connect a laptop with an HDMI connection to my DD player with HDMI to view it on my TV using composite or S video connections?
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  1. yes there are HDMI to S or composite adapters available.
  2. Why not connect the Laptop direct to TV if the Laptop has HDMI output.
    S video is the lowest resolution. 700-720 max
    1. HDMI
    2. HDMI-to RBG
    3. HDMI-to S video
  3. I think this poster is implying the TV has only composite and s-video inputs. However, this idea of connecting through the DVD player will only work if the DVD player has an HDMI input. (if there's only one HDMI connector on the player, it's more likely an output). Now that I look, I'm having trouble finding hdmi to s-video or composite converters; it's easier to find one that converts the other way.

    mle867, Is the HDMI the only video output on your laptop, and are composite and s-video the only inputs on your TV?
  4. I would like to do this as well. I want to connect from my computer to my DVD player via an HDMI cable and then go from my DVD player to my TV (which does not have an HDMI connection) to view my computer on the TV. I can't seem to get this to work. It appears, as has been stated, I need a DVD player with an HDMI input and not just a typical output.
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