Hello, Can I use this scaler/converter to connect my PC to my HDtv in order to watch movies from the PC?
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  1. Get a cable that connects your Graphics card directly to the TV.(If your graphics card supports 1080p) The computer will up convert to the resolution of your graphics card. i.e., You play a dvd in the computer - dvd is 720p - your video resolution is 1080p on the graphics card - you watch in 1080p. You'll notice a diff between 1080p upconverted(slightly less quality) and true HD 1080p. but 720p up converted is still awsome.
    P.S. sound is from pc speakers.
  2. Thanks, that sounds good. We have the TV ONE Video scaler converter, model 1T-V1280HD, and I'm unsure as to how to use it and what it will do. Here's the description:TV ONE VIDEO SCALER VIDEO TO PC/HD CONVERTER 1T-V1280HD

    * Ultra Compact, High Performance Unit
    * Convert Video to Analog PC or HDTV
    * Convert Video to DVI PC or HDTV
    * Convert 480i YCbCr to Analog or DVI
    * PC Resolutions up to 1280x1024
    * Most HDTV Resolutions
    * Locking DC Power Connector for Security

    What I would like to do is to view internet videos on our hdtv. Will this do it? Is there an easier way? Thanks everyone!
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