Headset not working right side.

Recently i have purchased the Tritton AX51 Pro gaming headset. It has met all my needs, comfortable, and everything. After about a month, (a few days ago) I noticed that there was no sound coming from the right side. I have figured it is a problem with the wire leading into the headset. I think its not touching or conducting, or whatever the word is, on the inside because when i wiggle the wire around, and push it up more i can sometimes hear sound from the right side. How can i fix this? Is there any simple fix? Do i need to return this and get a new one?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. It's a recent purchase, return it to the shop for a replacement.

    They may claim you strained the wire -- make it clear you didn't and that anyway under usual "saleable-quality" standards a home headset should be built to withstand the normal hazards of domestic use.

    If no joy or they insist on repairing it (which may take an age) find a friend who knows how to disassemble things and can use a soldering iron -- the failure is probably where the drive unit in the earpiece connects to the cable.
  2. ^^ Analog, USB, or Digital version of the headset? If analog, you probably strained a wire somewhere, and if its the digital version, you probably bent one of the pins the headset connects to the decoder module with.
  3. Its analog (the one with all the little plugs) but would it be that hard to open it up and see if i can fix it myself? Or would that damage it??
  4. Probably pulled a wire lose then; all to common unfortunatlly...You can try to open up the earpiece, but that probably voids any replacement policy.
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