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I have a 52" Sony KLW9000 TV with a PC VGA input cable, and a PS3 with an HDMI output. What product should I get to convert the HD signal to the VGA TV input?
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  1. first the TV is not VGA input.
  2. we might call it differently, but the TV's connector is identical to a computer monitor... This TV is just a giant computer monitor... the connector is also called RGB, or DSUB15 perhaps... can anyone help please?
  3. It's correctly called r,g,b (everyone calls it a VGA)
    My video card came with an hdmi to rgb adapter that connects direct to the graphics card. Look online for one.
  4. I found this product: fit-VGA - DVI to VGA Converter
    Anyone ever heard of it?

    It supposedly converts HDMI to VGA... then again, I also heard the Playstation 3 HDCP copy protection cannot be messed with-- so even if it converts the HDMI, the HDCP won't let the conversion work right. Anyone know, or should I just take a chance on the $40 part?
  5. Your cable shows a VGA to DVI and DVI is not the same as a HDMI (different connector) That cable will work if your computer also has a DVI output.
    I looks like you have found the correct web page as it shows various cables.
    Just look at your output(computer) and your input (monitor/tv) and verify the cable you buy connects to both.
  6. No, it converts HDMI or DVI... See on Amazon's page, it says:

    Technical Details

    * Converts HDMI or DVI digital to analog VGA up to 1920x1080
    * Input: HDMI female
    * Output: VGA DB-15
    * No external power - powered by the HDMI input
    * Supports DDC

    Too bad there aren't any reviews on their site too. It seems like this is the dongle I need, and the manufacturer's website also says it will convert DVI-D or HDMI to VGA.
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