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I have been using Creative products for a long time now, mainly connecting my studio software programs that run smoothly with Creative labs. I use the XFI Elite Pro the sound card in my opinion was the best I have ever come across, my OS I use is windows XP and no problems with compatability issues, but when I tried the new OS windows 7 the dll files are missing and will not run the creative software. All of this came has a blow and this got me down and scratching my head has to a solution to this problem, many forums on this subject only came to the same conclusion that windows 7 will not work with creative software, their Beta updates are no good, and creative sound technitions have not come up with an answer to try and resolve this. I recently came across this sound card the asus xonar D2x and looks really good and claims to be better than the XFI elite pro creative card, but this looking all good does not resolve my problem, it means changing all over my software and external hardware to even try this new sound card. So what is the answer to creative sound cards,are they not interested in satisfying their customers and leaving other hardware programmers to take over.? If their is anyone who has the same problem then it's time to shout out aloud and try and get some resolve and a solution to this problem.

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  1. Creative stinks; most of us switched to Auzentech and ASUS years ago. Frankly, there is no extra software needed for the D2X; plug it in, install drivers, and you're good to go.
  2. Thank you for replying ,this is good news I will certainly investigate more on this,once again thanks for your help....TC
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