Dell inspiron 1100 wireless card install

I bought a wireless card on ebay and I know where to install it, but I have no idea how. After I remove the placeholder do I just insert the card? Which way is up on the card? Do I put the placeholder back in after I install the card? Help, please, the person that sold me the card gave me a link for the driver, but no instructions on how to install the card itself. Thank you.
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  1. I have same situation, I can not figure out how to install it. There is no connection that looks like it could work under the cover. No antenna wire either. I'm beginning to think it won't work with an 1100, but would with an 1150 or others. Same bought on ebay....... I asked him first and he said it would work with the 1100, but I sure can't see how. Any help appreciated, thanks, Woody
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