Canon 300D digital SLR camera error screen after I put in my CF card

I recently bought a Canon Digital Rebel 300D on Ebay. it worked fine for a few weeks and then one day I took out the CF card to see what kind it was so I could buy another one, and when I tried to put it back in it wouldn't fit. I tried and tried and finally gave up and figured I'd wait till the one I ordered got there. Well I got my new CF card in the mail today and it went in but when I turn the camera on, "Err 02" blinks on the screen. What could be the problem? I have the right kind of CF card so that's not it.
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  1. That is maybe the CF card, or the bent or broken pin inside the card slot. You have to look down into the CF slot . If it is a bent pin, you're better to take it to an Authorized Canon Repair Center.
  2. Where is authorized Canon Repair Center.
  3. Go to the web site and follow the instruction, then you know where they are. The linker is for USA. If you are in another country, go to the canon global web site, you will find it.
  4. Can u plz send me the site???:) And i m in Australia
  5. thnx!!!! for ur reply
  6. Do i have to send my camera to NSW for repair?????
  7. you are welcome.

    You should compare the cost to repair and the cost to buy the new one. I don't know what camera you have and who old is it?

    If it cost a lot to repair, you should buy the new one.

    If you need to keep it and you have to send it out for repairing.
  8. I have got Digital SLR EOS 400D and the pin is bent i looked in the CF card slot and do i have to send my camera to NSW for repairing.
  9. Your camera lcd screen model and the camera model to be consistent.
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