I need help deciding. TV setup or computer.

Ok, so hopefully some of you guys that are usualls with the TV section of Toms know some about pc's... that'll make this easier.

Ok, So I have around $2300-$2500 to spend... and Ive been wanting a new computer, dont really "need" one right now... as mine still plays modern games fine, but again "want" a new pc. Looking at getting a new 24" monitor. 1TB HD, 2 GTX 480's.... etc... a nice rig...


As I said above, I dont "Need" a new computer but really want one,...... So, I just recently sold my Xbox 360 mainly because I dont play it that much and it also doesnt look to good on my 52" sony tv that's like 14 years old... watching tv on it, is ok.. movies... ok... but games look like complete sh**! I was planning on buying a 52" sony bravia back in decemeber but I had to leave for Basic training in Jan. and decided to wait... while at my training, I saw a 55" samsung LED tv playing Avatar and I've been IN LOVE with the picture on this tv. Im currently looking at the Samsung 55" 6300 tv. Im in debate of which I should get... Computer vs TV...
I need a tv more but Im wondering if its worth it. I can get the TV for $2000 even, leaving me with extra money to either get a blu ray player and some movies or the new xbox 360 and a few games... Hopefully someone has this tv here.. Is regular cable really clear on the tv too? Thats my biggest wonder, how do regular DVD's and non HD tv chan. look on it. I already have a wall mount, very nice 5.1 surround speakers and all the wires to hook it up setting in the corner...

Which would be the better choice?
Thank you.
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  1. Buy the TV! Upgrade Video card(if needed 5770 $169), Blu ray player for computer($69), then plug computer into TV.(input 2) You will want HD programming via cable.(input 1) Non HD will fill half the screen unless it's expanded (which looks like crap). A regular dvd played in your computer will play at 1080P and is more awsome(better). Been doing this for 3 years now and love it. My beef? I got this stuff prior to HD so TV is only 60hz and has no video or audio outputs.(I would love to be able to record to Computer) P.S. a remote Keyboard and mouse are a must if you are to game in the lazyboy
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