Canon slr digital camera broken mechanism to put camera card back in camera

I have a question/problem and am looking for anyone's suggestion. I have a digital Canon EOS Rebel XT, SLR, bought in spring of 2006. Since that time it has been well traveled and taken lots of beautiful pictures. It is still a good camera and it works if the compact flash card would go back into the camera.

My dilemma/problem -- recently I "popped" the card out of the camera, just like I've always done to put the card into my computer and remove the pictures. When I went to put the card back into the camera it won't go, there is resistance there and the button you push to pop the card up doesn't seem to feel right.

The camera has never been dropped or banged around hard.

As I said, it is a good camera, I don't have any complaints with it not working until now. If I could get the card back into it I would not have to remove it again. I have the cord that attaches to the camera and the computer, I could remove pictures without removing the card.

I have tried to push the card in but it doesn't make contact (???), the camera says card error when I try to take a picture.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I'm not ready to give this up, I think it still has many good miles of travel and picture taking. Thanks
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  1. When you try to insert the card into the camera, you should hold the card face the label side toward you and insert the end with the small holes into the camera. That is the only position you can insert the CF card.

    Also if the CF card is inserted in the wrong way, it may damage the camera. But it will not allow you to insert the card like you said resistancing.

    The button you can not push down at all until you insert the CF card.
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