Shenzhen winly company usb ports

Hello, has anyone order usb ports from WINLY DIGITAL ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. Address: 83#,Yannan Road,Futian District,Shezhen.
It has been over a month and the company has been very slow to respond with my order.

Any one out there who faced the same problem.
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  1. Things like that don't ever buy from them - you will only regret when something gone bad your purchase. Look for other companies instead who got a good customer service.

    There seems to be some difference between the address you give and the one they list.
  3. Dear Sir/Mdm,
    The address given by WINLY DIGITAL ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD - Ms Cara Liu (Sales Representative):-

    Factory Address:
    Unit3,The First Industrial Zoon,Shajin,Baoan District,Shenzhen.

    Office Address:
    83#,Yannan Road,Futian District,Shezhen.

    Sales Department:
    Ms Cara Liu
    The website of Ms Cara Liu, sales rep. of WINLY DIGITAL ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD is at:

    Ms Cara from WINLY DIGITAL ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD had confirmed receiving payment.
    I have not yet to receive my order. The money has been sent out since 31 Dec 10.
    Ms Cara acknowledged receipt of money on 14 Jan 11.
    I had emailed several times to Ms Cara but no updates about order status after 21 Jan 11.

    The tracking number that Ms Cara gave :EE381058390CN, did not include the name or link to track with courier service?
    Can you assist to inquire about this matter and expedite the delivery of order?
  4. Dont buy from this company: WINLY DIGITAL ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD.

    The are a criminal. I made a order of 3000 usb-wristband and the send me a empty box.

    WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. dont deal with them!!! They are criminals!!!
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