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Just got myself a brand new HP DV3 series 13" laptop. Battery life is around 3-4 hours. But I'm wondering how to keep the battery LIFE (not the charge) its best. I know that with earlier laptops we were told "run dry, then do a full charge" but what is the best practice for today's batteries? Can I just plug it in whenever and still get full charge over the years?
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    Keeping the battery life the longest possible, is, essentially, keeping the charge the greatest over time, since that what decays in your battery.

    Here's some rules you should run your battery by, and it should have a long, happy life:
    1. Always discharge your battery completely at least once a month.
    2. If you're using your notebook for an extended period of time on AC power (like a few weeks) consider removing the battery and setting it aside.
    3. Never store your battery fully charged - leaving it with a 40-50% charge will increase it's lifespan.
  2. Thanks! I'll definitely put those points into practice.
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