Trying to find a comfortable earbud under $30

Greetings, folks!

I've recently been lucky enough to receive the gift of several audiobook novel series, and I'm finding myself with a few issues. One of the foremost, is that for listening on the go, my current .. well, what's left of my current earbuds do not cut it, as they've mostly fallen apart, used literally to pieces.
I'm unfortunately working on a very tight budget, and thus I seek the advice of those far wiser. I'll even settle for just a smidge wiser, heh.

The biggest things I need, besides staying in budget.. is comfort over the long term. I don't need 'great bass' or such for audiobooks, I don't even need noise cancellation. I do need something that I can wear for four to eight hours at a time, so I can enjoy my books amidst most of the tasks I'm doing.
I also have to avoid them being 'in ear canal' types, outer-ear only, due to the discomfort and scratching that in-ear-canal one's cause for my sensative flesh.
The final problem is, of course.. the price tag. At very most, I can spend $30. The lower, the better, and as it is, I'm mulling over if it's worth just buying a few more sets of cheap $4 earbuds and trying to make something to fit around them for better comfort.

Thanks for the time!

- Shirra
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  1. Thanks for the reply!
    While nice, and I will most definitely be keeping those in mind for walkabout wear.. I'm looking for earbuds. Something I can wear under a bike helmet, and easily tuck away for travel.
    As said though, I'm definitely going to keep an eye on the Sennheiser's you pointed at, it's just not quite what I need at the moment.

    - Shirra
  2. My apologies, I misread your statement about the type you needed.

    Try these instead:

    SONY MDR-J11G - $14.99
  3. Now there's a good possibility! And if the ear clips are too big, I can always just build up something adhesive around them to fix that. Thanks!
  4. An appreciate inquisitor with a sense for personally overcoming limitations.

    I couldn't ask for anything more from a response to a suggestion.
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