Totally lost on DVR and the whole thing :P

OK.... So ive been wondering since we JUST got Charter cable in our new house that we bought if i wanted a DVR. So i decided I wanted one. Now me being the idiot, searched DVR into Newegg, i got a bunch of 1000$$ stuff and a bunch of PC internals. Then i happened to notice that TiVo was having an advertisment. So i clicked it. Now these look pretty good, and i hear really good things about them BUT i have a few questions first:

1.) My cable box is downstairs in the computer room and my big screen is upstairs hooked to charter, will this be a problem, will i have to hook the TiVo downstairs? I wanted the Tivo hooked to my big screen :lol:. And i cannot move the cable box because its hooked to my modem and i dont want to have to figure a way to get that to work...

2.) Does the TiVo work as a cable box? If so, can i have more than one, so i can just hook it upstairs?

3.) Can i get more than one DVR for my house because downstairs we have a small TV which would be where we would use it the most, but i want one for upstairs, will i have to decide?
-Could it maybe go to more than one Tv??

Another quick question: My cable box has a ethernet port in the back, what would that be used for? And neither TV has a guide function, and they dont recieve information such as the channel name and the Program's name... Is there some way to fix this or is it something that ill have to live with?

hahaha im not a TV expert as you can tell-i can pick a good one out and i now the tech around that but when you start talking cable, dish, it all runs together :lol:. :)

Thanks Ahead!!

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  1. I just read that TiVo requires a monthly fee... Is there a DVR that is around 100$ that would last a while and record a bunch of video (80+ Hours?)? I just need the basic stuff... Also just read that you would have to pay a monthly fee for any DVR that could rewind or pause live TV... Is this true?
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